Rep. Justin Slaughter leads the way on criminal justice reform Chairman Judiciary Criminal Committee Vice-Chairman State Government Administration Member of Appropriation-Capital Child Care Access & Early Childhood Promoting Small and Minority Business Development Rep. Justin Slaughter's Dedicated leadership and commitment to empower our communities has resulted in impactful change for the 27th District and the State of Illinois. Supported the minimum wage increase Led efforts to pass education funding reform Supporting the Expansion of Obamacare and Addressing Health Disparities Advocating for a Progressive Income Tax

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Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Justin Slaughter and I am honored to have the privilege of representing the people of the 27th District in Springfield.

I am proud to be a force for positive change in all of our communities, and welcome you to use our site to be more informed about our initiatives and the State of Illinois.

I am eager to hear from you and encourage everyone to give input so that we can better serve the hardworking residents of the 27th District. Together we will be successful.

I look forward to hearing all your voices as we push Illinois forward!

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