Representative Slaughter’s legislative record provides
Common Sense Solutions
for our communities….

Criminal Justice Reform

Rep. Slaughter created the first ever Prisoner Entrepreneur Education Program within the Illinois Department of Corrections. This law comprehensively rehibilates ex-offenders through teaching business and entrepreneurship skills. (Public Act 100-0283)

Supporting at risk families impacted by our prison system

Rep. Slaughter passed legislation to improve and increase family visitation within our state prison system. (Public Act 100-0142)

Innovative Education Initiatives

Rep. Slaughter was Chief Sponsor of The School Grown Produce Act, which allows students to eat the produce that they grow from school and/or community farms.

This law inspires our youth to engage in agricultural learning experiences while also promoting healthy food choices to combat childhood obesity. (Public Act 100-0505)

Government Solutions for our future economy

Rep. Slaughter passed the State Agency Student Worker Opportunity Act. This initiative helps youth and young adults that are either wards of the state, juveniles, or homeless, to apply for state government internships and student worker positions. (Public Act 100-0141)

Enhancing Our Forest Preserves

Rep. Slaughter passed legislation that allows forest preserves throughout Illinois to acquire new land for the purposes of creating new environmental programs and outdoor recreational initiatives. (Public Act 100-0445)