Rep Slaughter’s Legislative Initiatives deliver the positive impact our communities deserve…

Helping Justice-Involved Youth Thrive:

Recognizing the overly punitive consequences of having a youth arrest record, Representative Slaughter passed landmark legislation to automatically and retroactively expunge juvenile records that did not result in criminal convictions. (Public Act 100-1162)

Advancing Bail Reform:

As a trailer bill to Illinois’ historic Bail Reform Act, Representative Slaughter was the Chief Sponsor of critical legislation that clarified and established what offenses are eligible for bail relief. This legislation also clarified how the dollar-per-day credit provision is applied to the bail amount for each day in jail awaiting trial. (Public Act 100-0929)

Improving Our Juvenile Expungement Process:

Understanding the significance of the expungement process for youth, families, and the law enforcement community, Representative Slaughter passed legislation to help public safety entities comply with the recent Automatic Juvenile Expungement Act. (Public Act 100-0720)

Advocating for Family Unification of those Incarcerated

In an effort to keep families together that are impacted by the criminal justice system, Representative Slaughter passed legislation requiring the Illinois Department of Corrections to increase the number of family visits for incarcerated individuals. This legislation also expands the list of eligible and approved visitors that an inmate can have. (Public Act 100-0677)

Improving Teacher Evaluations:

In order for school districts to continuously improve their teacher evaluation process, Representative Slaughter passed legislation to require school districts to meet annually to asses and review the effectiveness of their evaluation plans, as well as, share best practices between teachers and management. (Public Act 100-0768)

Reforming the Cook County Sheriff Merit Board:

Representative Slaughter passed critical legislation that reconstructs the membership of the Cook County Sheriff Merit Board, while also enhancing its accountability, fairness, and disciplinary process. (Public Act 100-0562)

(Public Act 100-0912)